Essence of Inanna



With Easter holiday fast approaching, I would like to dedicate a post to Inanna, after all this is her holiday.  Typically I do not celebrate holidays regardless if it is Christmas, New years or even someones birthday. As far as I’m concerned it is observed to benefit the corporations that promote these days.  I do not like being told what to do or when to appreciate someone or think about the future. And as far as I am concerned, there should not be a day reserved to appreciate anything because it should always be appreciated.  On that note I will have to contradict myself.  I love the occasional hug or gift or flowers just because I am loved rather than it be done out of obligation or that people may need an excuse to party. In either way people are here everyday everywhere and should be appreciated as such; so is life: animals, trees, bees, birds, wolves, dogs, cats, fish, turtles, etc. Why is it when a holiday comes around everyone is soo quick to show love? Is it out of obligation? Is it because we don’t want to be the odd one out? Is it because our days are so busy we forget to love the ones next to us?  Well the contradiction lies in my urge to want to celebrate the Easter holiday.  Easter to me is not anywhere close to what is advertised in stores or what is practiced in churches. I do not go egg painting or hunting with my children. I do not buy chocolate bunnies. I do not buy baskets full of favorite items for the children.  So why and how you say – do I celebrate Easter?  I celebrate Easter thru the woman it was created for, Inanna the goddess of love and war.  Inanna, the goddess, a woman of life and fertility and in turn the goddess of promiscuity.  How does that apply to Easter? Well the name itself is derived from Inanna or should I say Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus, Isis or Madonna.  The word Easter derives from the word Ishtar for the purpose of celebrating the new life of Spring.  The time for sowing seeds and growth.  We would all love and appreciate this holiday as I do if we lived life more parallel to nature. Nature is in a slumber during the winter months and is a very difficult season to withstand, but is needed for the health of nature. Once recovering from the dormant months, the rain begins to fall, flowers and trees begin to bud and animals begin to mate. Observe nature and the goddess and holiday begins to make a bit more sense.

I will tell you a story about myself that will probably make the above information create a bit more relevance.  Lets begin with a group of wonderful women who call themselves the Fastgirls.  I am a part of this group thru association of childhood friendships and family.  We are comprised of groups of women who focus on self and group help, support, love and healing.  Through one of our self-developments I had to research a goddess that I resonate with.  Of course I would not normally think to do this so I had to research different types of goddesses.  I had to look deep within myself, my spirit and things about me that just come natural to me and then I found Astarte. I read all about her (good and bad) and found that I have more in common with this goddess than I realize. My step mother use to jokingly tease me – calling me nature girl.  I found that I am an extremely fertile woman giving birth to six children. I knew the numbers would continuously increase as time went on. Now if we lived in different times and we were more self-sustained such as living completely off of nature, I would not stop having children. I am a very sexual being, but not sexual in the normal sense of the word.  I could very easily be promiscuous but the nature of sexuality is not always physical. It can; and is very spiritual. The energies that resonate through me are so strong I had to learn to control them.  I would send signals without realizing and cause attractions by accident. Things were happening and I didn’t know why or how. Now that I understand more the appreciation for Easter or Astarte or Ishtar constantly grows.  I celebrate Easter, I celebrate life, and I celebrate love and a new year.




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