Happy Birthday Inanna

As I mention a happy birthday yo Inanna I mention it to all of us in existence.  Declaring the birthday of Inanna shows the new birth or rebirth of life. As I celebrate life and continue to celebrate love Inanna continues to grow. Spring is a time of rebirth, growth, and beauty. This season is technically for three months so I will continue her birthday celebration as new things continue to birth new or renewed life.  As I listened to the radio this morning there was a mention about winter blues; a condition many people suffer from during the winter months primarily due to the lack of vitamin D that comes mainly from sunshine.  As we know the sun shines a bit stronger and brighter and longer as the days get closer to spring then summer with the weather getting a bit warmer.  Yes those changes promotes the growth that I speak of, but it is also very much deeper than that.  So far what I mention is probably obvious to many but the emotions and mental status of people are affected by the changing seasons.  Why am I speaking of the obvious? I speak of this to bring your attention to what is close to us all.  Nature.  Nature is one thing we need to survive, one thing we need to respect and love and one thing we couldn’t care less about.  I do not plan to lecture you about how we need nature and how we must do better.  I want you bring this to your attention so you can start to love Inanna once more. Start to date her men and women. Love her essence the core of who she is over and over again. She is rebirth, she is growth, she is love, she is birth. She can be tied into nature, our emotions, and our mind. Begin to romanticize the thought of Inanna as your lover teacher nurturer and guide.  Once you feel the love for her grow you will then begin to fully overstand the purpose of her life within everything.  The respect and amazement happens.  With her essence by your side, inside and surrounding your very existence you will partake in the so called small pleasures in life. You will appreciate the sky, the birds, the flowers, the insects. Instead of seeing pests you will learn to connect to it all and speak the language of it all.  The language of universal love and respect for the natural cycle of life.  Everything in existence has a purpose and everything must be allowed its space and we must exist within its space, not everything within our space.  The harmony and music and painting and sculpture of life is the best masterpiece you will ever witness. Take it in, appreciate it, love it and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY INANNA!!!!  She is the representation of it all. Reconnect from time to time barefoot in the grass on a tree watching the butterfly, the dragonfly, the lizard, and as scary as it may sound maybe even a bear.  Once nature has found the harmony is set within you, you will be surprised how much more nature comes to you to honor respect and love you.  Take care of her and she will continue to care for you.



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