Happy Mother’s Day Poetry

To All The Mothers / Inannas of the World

This is the time to love and honor the creator

The creator of man creator of the human race

She always loves no matter

She aint never disgraced

With her swollen bosom and womb

Her loving hands and gazing touch

She feeds her creation which aint never enough

Her womb so sore and breast so tender

as she expells the life to embrace any gender

Yes the mother of life shielding her creation

as she covers you from the weather and storm

The lessons learned are sharp and swift

using patience and whit

Mother Inanna lover and maker of creation

time to thank her for all her dedication

looking for no recognition and for no praise

she looks only for your success in later days

The tear streaming like a river fall

having so many meanings needing a dictionary for it all

Time continues and space is filled

with lovely creatures made as Inanna wills

Teacher Lover sustainer creator nurturer

How do we repay her and yup she made us

This Mothers Day and every day after

dont judge

Just love

Love her unconditionally as unconditionally as she does you

Now a days it may be two of you

But dont forget boo

in another time it couldve been twenty two

So the mothers of the past present and future we love you Inanna for a mother made you too


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