The Dream of Clarity


Things are done time is changed for-evers

time-time with things estranged people grow

and levels know

that once u wake time is blown

essence forgotten and moves are followed

once the rotten has been swallowed

anytime and any place this work man is ever shipped

greed is sundered and love behaved decision forever thwarted

remember goals and do not sway for energies grow each and every day

time is love and love is known don’t forget the ones you know

heaven waits always within so grasp the love for decisions give

realms open must say calm energies grow and so do bonds

intentions spill and decisions made

will it me happy

not sure the result but anxiety flows

systems play but nobody knows

enter the realm of conscious love

there will be salvation for no one above

times have change things will switch

continue growing it will be swift

connections open minds will shift

you will be lost no chance for others

entertainment lost and purpose shift

This have continued to go adrift

trust and know the heart is strong

open your mind all life long



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