How does one maintain long lasting and loving relationships

I have had conversations time and time again. Man against woman and woman against man. We all have different perspectives so how does one come to a common ground. There is independent women, strong women, submissive women, weak women, all types of women and the same for men. At a women’s point of view I can bring many things to the table on many things a woman may want. It can be said she wants a strong man that can protect and love her right, be there for the children and make everything alright. To be honest and fair there is no perfect man and no perfect women because we are all human and we all have flaws. The strengths are what is focused on when in love and as the fairy dust disappears so does the fantasy but the weaknesses appear. I would like to know from those who are happily married for over 20 years how does one do it. This is not an attempt to verbally beat down or belittle the other sex, but to come to an understanding as we coexist. In my eyes a man has to keep up physical appearances just as a woman is expected to. What was it that first got your attention? Was it intelligence? Was it the body? Was it the money? We can all have better relationships if it begins with honesty. What do you want from your mate or potential mate? Lying gets you with that person initially but now there are feelings involved and that other person has fallen in love with the lie you created. How long can you keep up your lie to keep that person in your world? Is it worth it?


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