The Essence of Health with Inanna


As I write with the essence of Inanna I must elaborate on all aspects of her beauty. Her beauty resonates through war, procreation, and love. She is celebrated during the Spring seasons representing life and new growth for fertility and food.  Being the goddess of life, she is also connected to healing. This particular entry will focus on her essence of healing and health.

Using the very food that grows during her Spring and Autumn seasons, I will bring forth thoughts and ideas on how food can heal. As the goddess of war she must also be physically fit, strong body and mind. Today food, herbs, and exercise will be exploited to show you through the goddess how to live a long and healthy life.

Let’s begin with the very basic concept, the food pyramid.  The food pyramid today from the USDA  shows that the amount of meat and oil to be consumed should be the smallest part of your diet. The portion of fruits and vegetables should be a bit more than the meat, then the grains being the largest consumed in portion.  Then there is the Mediterranean Food Pyramid  that shows that meat either eaten in very sparing quantities everyday or only twice a week, oil consumed in a smaller portion than meat, while everything else like fruit, vegetables, and grain eaten in larger quantities on a daily basis. Lastly there is the Dr. Weil Pyramid that shows fruit and vegetables being the largest consumed food group and decreasing in portion from the nuts and seeds, legumes, rice, and grains to sources of protein like fish, soy, eggs, cheese, tea, wine, and supplements. Lastly with the least to consume healthy sweets, and most to consume are for mushrooms and healthy herbs and spices.  If I were to create a pyramid it would eliminate all forms of meat including fish, chicken, and egg, but I do not want to push my personal lifestyle on anyone, only to inform.  Looking at all three pyramids I would say that Dr Weil had the most complete and thought out pyramid of all three.

As Americans we find that compared to the rest of the world we have the biggest problems with weight and the worst with health.  It does not take a genius to know that the way we eat is contributing to our bad health.  I have gone to many family functions for myself and others, visiting friends and gone to events. What do you think I find each place I go? A large consumption of meat with no fruit or vegetables in sight and plenty of alcohol. To say the least, many of them have diabetes among many other sicknesses.  I will start off by saying that if you look at any one of those pyramids you will find the first problem.  We Americans put meat and fats at the bottom of the pyramid where it is the largest or only portion of the diet.  If fruits or vegetables are requested, you may get lucky and receive iceberg lettuce, maybe some grapes and melons.  The grapes and melons are wonderful if ever spotted.  The iceberg lettuce; we can focus on the name for a moment. It suggests an iceberg and considered to be white mostly in color.  Now I do not have a problem with white food unless it is leafy greens showing little nutritional value.  I will take you back for a moment to science class where we all learned about photosynthesis.  If everyone understands photosynthesis, then we all understand that the whole process of the leaf where it is exposed to sunlight for that plant to grow healthy would make that plant green in color from the chlorophyl as a simple explanation

Now I know as a child I was told to eat my greens because its good ruffage. What is ruffage you ask?   Well, they meant it was a fibrous food which helps keep your intestines clean. Fiber, the stuff in the store to help you stay regular/keep your bowels flowing in a healthy manner.  Well that brings me to another point in health; your colon health. Your colon health is very important because that is where the last form of food absorption takes place before your waste is eliminated and it is where your body gets its nutrients into the blood stream. If this process is compromised for example with plaque and build up of food and waste, then it decreases the amount of absorption for the body and your entire system is as well.


Since your body depends on its nutrients for cell replication and repair, how does one assist with keeping their intestines clear?

Well, first of all by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables because the body breaks it down and eliminates the remaining waste pretty well.  That is one of the reasons why I would suggest that most or all of your diet come from plant based foods. Our bodies are more equipped to process, digest and eliminate the waste of plant based foods rather than foods from animals.  The animal based foods tend to sit around for much longer periods of time mainly due to our longer intestinal tract causing waste to build creating a very unhealthy environment for your intestines. In addition, the acid level in our stomach is not strong enough to properly break down meat; especially of large quantities.  Do you remember what it feels like after eating a meal including your normal serving of meat?  Many people have reported feeling sluggish and even sleepy after consuming the meal.  In the past I remember feeling extremely tired from mine; I then learned about cleansing.  Many health professionals will advise a cleanse and many religious practices suggest fasting.  However a person decides to cleanse it is necessary to clear the colon of all its build up to promote healthy absorption.

Many people will argue that meat is not healthy or it is not healthy to eliminate meat, but what is understood is only smaller quantities should be allowed for optimum health.  Digestion is extremely important when it comes to the consumption of food, therefore chewing well to allow the acids of the saliva to break down your foods is necessary.  After chewing properly the next level of digestion will allow the stomach to break the food down further and then to the intestines.  Your body has an internal clock that lets you know when to stop eating.  If we took the time to chew properly, the amount of foods consumed would be at a much smaller volume and decrease possible over eating.

Now that that digestion is done correctly, the proper foods must be consumed.  Vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, acids, fungi, enzymes, bacteria and more than likely chemicals enters our bodies within the foods we eat. Earlier I mentioned how many people will eat all or most meat as part of their diet without incorporating fruits and vegetables.  We also know looking at all three food pyramids that a much larger portion of food should be fruits and vegetables and not meat.  If meat were removed completely from my diet then examined in terms of necessary nutrients, you will find that the majority of nutrients is present within plants with the exception of vitamin b12.  As a meat eater with no vegetation in your diet, there is a possibility of causing many health conditions and diseases.  Eating most starch type foods like pasta, potatoes and sugars as we know causes diabetes.  A fatty diet which also includes starches, meats and oils can cause heart disease, diabetes, and possible strokes.  Lacking the proper nutrients can cause early aging, fatigue, anemia, depression, nerve disorders, skin disorders, hair loss, poor thinking, insanity, arthritis, sterility, and so on.  As you see proper nutrition is extremely important to your overall health, but we also need to look at what inhibits the absorption or depletes what is necessary in the body.  For example: Cigarettes neutralize a portion of vitamin C, coffee removes Vitamin B complex and plenty of vitamin A. If the caffeine and nicotine is combined then folic acid, Vitamin b2, vitamin C, and niacin is compromised. Alcohol does the damage on vitamin B complex as well.  There are many other enemies to proper diet as well like insecticides, disinfectants, antibiotics, and food preservatives to mention a few.

Knowing many of us do not eat properly, cheat in their diet or maybe cannot afford to eat well may now or eventually become ill with a disorder or a disease.  How can a person reverse the affects of the current and future damage?  Some people go to the doctor for a prescription, while others look to a more natural approach.  The natural approach seems be more popular these days.  Some is through sound therapy, energy healing, acupuncture, acupressure, and herbs.  I will only discuss the herbal method of healing right now.  There are many different ways to heal with herbs like smoking it, boiling them, baking with them, cooking with them, eating it raw or making it into an oil.  However the method of preparation, there have been soo many people who have been either cured or less symptoms in volume or recurrence.  I will speak on the ever so popular Cannabis plant.  It was labeled a very addictive and dangerous drug, but later to be found as a cure or treatment for many diseases and ailments.  During my research on cancer I found that the plant, herb or drug which ever you choose to use cured skin cancer.  Later I found through testimony that it is used to cure asthma; where I was told by doctors that asthma cannot be cured.  This plant intrigued me so much that I followed its path of so called destruction.  I heard testimonies of patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, and Fibromyalgia.  There were parents who secretly gave it to their children on chemo to help ease the pain of their treatment.  The deeper I look into this herb the more I found it a medicine than a drug. So I thought to myself, what other herbs are there that heals people?  WOW!!!! AMAZING!!!!  I found books and books full of herbs that heal and treat sicknesses. So why do people suffer still? One reason is many of these herbs are not available in raw full medicine form everywhere.  Another reason, many people just do not know.  As far as we know herbs are only to season our meat.  The cannabis herb has proven to be so much more as so do many other herbs. Some can only be obtained in the rain forest, but some can be grown in a small pot and used for healing.  Now I am not telling anyone to illegally obtain cannabis herb, but know the laws where you live to see what herb you are allowed to have or grow or buy.  Many herbs can treat or heal sicknesses that some others can, so if one herb is not available then check around. There may be an herb out there to cure what is ailing you. If you are ill, first check with your doctor before approaching this method.


The last point being made is exercise.  Exercise promotes blood flow thru the body.  As mentioned earlier, the blood flow distributed the nutrients needed by the body.  It helps proper brain function as well as so called well oiled gears.  What do I mean by that? LOL!! We are a biological machine, right? Comparing a machine to a human is not that far fetched.  A machine that does not get used will begin to corrode or parts will get stuck and it will have to warm up before it tries to move. Kind of like a car in the early morning on the way to work.  Stretch the muscles, move the muscles, warm up your body, create blood flow to the brain to assist with optimum brain function.  The flexibility of your muscles will prevent injury when moving about.  Just think about sleeping in an awkward position all night and wake to pain and stiffness. As you move and get the blood flowing like stretches, you begin to feel better and probably more balanced. If the exercise is maintained throughout your lifetime then balance, flexibility, agility, muscle tone, and brain function will continue to be sharp into old age as soo many elderly athletes have proven.  In my studies I have also found that exercise uses large amounts of Vitamin b1, so it is necessary to eat right and exercise together. If you only exercise and eat incorrectly, then you may be causing your body damage. If anyone is under medical care, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise routine.

I do plan on elaborating in future articles. This subject is so vast that it will have to be tackled in pieces.  Looking forward to chatting with you and answering any questions you may have. If there are any specific question you want addressed in future posts, I will be happy to oblige as well.

Loving All and wishing GREAT health for you all

From the goddess Inanna

Much Blessings


This article is for informational purposes only given to offer my opinion on how to lead a healthy and productive life supported by research gathered from reputable sources.  I am not a licensed doctor or medical professional. If you have a medical condition please consult with your doctor.


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