The Essence of Loving Thyself


The essence of loving thyself begins within

Not your mother, sister, brother, or best friend

Time to let it all out

the pain, the hurt, and maybe a little sell out

All your faults and all your pain

are all life lessons-definately a gain

A gain into instruction, wisdom and truth

Growth is a side effect you are living proof

Stop being angry don’t beat yourself up

It’s not half empty but almost a full cup

Your beauty, your flaws, your heart and soul

are all unique-just play your roll, Understand

that love is within but not within a man

Standing in the mirror for hours to come

trying to find that special someone

At that moment in that glance

you find your beauty has trapped you in a trance


It is not your face; it is not your hair

its the woman within go ahead and stare

She loves you deeply you love her too

so much no one can hurt you

She protects you and guides

you through the worst times

and even in the past

in remembrance of good times

she smiles and laughs

You are your best friend

Friend until the end

no competition with others

only of your past self

so fight you,teach you,compete as you’re your brothers.

Look around, you have a plethora of wealth

You are valuable and priceless as it seems.

No one can break you, the light within it just beams

see your heart, dust it, take it off that shelf

Now that you love you-you can love someone else


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