Inanna’s Many Faces of War


As we turn on the news, open the newspaper or even overhear gossip, what is it usually all about?  Anger?  Is it Hate?  Would it be Jealousy?  Maybe misunderstandings or differences or even Love? What ever it is, I would like to pull it apart and dissect it some more.

Times of pain and sadness sweeping across the country in response to the death of black men by the hand of police officers, death at the hand of suicide, and death at the hands of war are beyond comprehension.  What were the motives?  Why the cover up?  Now is the outcry. People are tired of the brutality of the police. People are tired of the laws not protecting the citizens.

Rage has sparked the action of people in many occasions where the police in NewYork have used beyond excessive force to detain a person.  On several occasions police were found not guilty of a crime because the laws are not written to make sure that police are held accountable for their actions.  If that person did not have a badge then the case would be murder, but because they may claim resisting arrest -even if they do not mention you are under arrest or tell the person to put their hands behind their back to be handcuffed the fault can be blamed on the victim. In California, there were rioting as a result of police use of excessive force.  Now a man looses his life while unarmed during apprehension of their suspect and rioting happens once again.  I mention the rioting because hate and anger usually do not require and logical processing to carry out the acts of violence.  When people become angry, they can become enraged and the logical process is gone.  After the person has calmed and questioned, the person later realizes that things could have been handled differently.  Their anger or hate came from fear. Fear?

I spoke to police after calming them down about things of this nature and their response every time is fear.  They fear for their life, so they may harm or take someone else’s life.  When making arrest they can be shot at, attacked or even bullied by fellow police officers.  Fear of loosing control of the apprehended person. Fear of loosing control of the possible crowd. Their job is very difficult, but who should the blame go to for these crimes? The police teacher or trainer, the police commissioner, the mayor, or does the command for excessive force go even higher.

First of all these laws need to be available to the public at anytime. Second, each community should revisit these laws to see what is good for all people.  Third, why is there so much fear and pain?  What do they experience? What are they told? What are their prejudices?  Many times hate comes from intense emotion usually stemming from a belief that is instilled in that person. It can be hate within a particular group because one feels like they are better than the other and has the right to pass judgment on the other.  There are many times people hate themselves and show their hate towards others that look like them or remind them of their-self. Look at their hair; she took my boyfriend; she does not deserve her boyfriend so I will take him from her; she is a hoe so I will treat her like one; I like his girl so I will take her; why is he looking at me; he don’t know me. Comments like those are counter productive and shows a division within the community. Many of these behaviors come from self hate, but why? Many people say it is slavery and some say it is a problem in how they are raised. However the case it is a disease that has spread all over the globe.

images-2 images

Why does some caucasians hate Native Americans, African Americans, or Mexicans and so on? So why does an Israeli hate Muslims? Why does any race hate another? Why is it difficult for them to share the land? Is it entitlement? Is it prejudice? Is it hate? Why does one hate? Looking into the word and emotion one can find many other emotions; confusion, fear, frustration, entitlement, ownership, territory, greed, love, and pain. As a child I remember using the word hate when I was very angry as did many other children I knew.  The adults in my community would immediately correct us on the word. They would respond by telling us that is a very strong word and “would we wish that person dead?”. As children that question required us to calm down so we can think about that question, analyze it and look at the person we are angry at.  At that point the anger subsided and we say no we do not wish that person dead; it was not THAT serious.  I would imagine there were many other children who did not get corrected and grew up with that rage within their hearts where it manifested over the years.

IMG_9265 IMG_9307

Wherever it stems from, however it spreads, it has gone too far.  Now a solution needs to be implemented.  Step one: love yourself totally and completely. Step two: Love each other. Step three: Realize that once you are divided you can be conquered, so unify. Step four: Help rebuild this country allowing more just laws, removing unjust laws from the books, and creating more businesses and wealth on building others and not destroying. Step five: Create more equality and freedom so this USA is really what people dream of and other countries can stop hating us for being the world bully. So far those are suggestions of my dream for peace.

I would love to hear of any suggestions or comments to the problems and solutions, so please let me know your ideas.

Love and Peace

Inanna Astarte




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