Essence of the Mind in Mental Sickness




Life of Love or Love of Life

when will we all get it right

 it is not a plight of wrong or right 

but once a night

bad dreams and plight

in my heart will see no pain in sight

as I tell myself all you must do is fight


internal wreck of turmoil and pain

in your mind playing it again and again

screams in the head pounding in your chest

visions of hell will never let you rest

pain so strong pain intense

the blade of a knife no blood will put me to rest

pills of slumber release the hurt within

God will hate you for this grievous sin

physical pain versus emotional which is worse which is best?

Go to the doctor put it to the test

Mind controls all pain  

when its not in control it will hurt in your brain

I am worthless, helpless, loveless, hated is the gain

rational thought does not exist

make the pain stop was my only wish

no one understands no one will get it

once it is done I cannot regret it

many more or many less

not weakness or the lack of strength 

suffer inside hurt within loving others so rationalize and sit

that is what ur told

young and old 

no one bold 

for I am told 

my soul is sold 

good bye and love

as I float above




As always Love

Inanna Astarte

Goddess Ishtar-Inanna AT-D-86



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