The Essence of a Broken Home


Time and Place

Love and Lace

Created a happy Place

With Love and grace

Passion and love

was created from heaven above

so why oh why is this not the life I dreamed of?

We argue We fight

I scream – he doesn’t come home at night

this life ain’t right

within the children’s sight

We call it quits

to see how our new life fits

in school our child now hits

other children and the corner he now sits

wondering if he just wish

his parents will get together so they can continue their Sunday morning ackee and Salt Fish

times are ruff so what will it be

without our daily family tea

confusion and anger

parents are now strangers

I am now exposed to more dangers

to make money their daughter does favors

the children have more and more haters

as time moves on past the adjustment mode

they realize no one likes to walk on their road

of a split or empty abode

the example to the child was shone

as love like me

as it should be only temporary

or will they get that marriage is a sanctuary

either way

whatever outsiders say

you will hope to see the day

where someone prays and prays

that love will find a way

for all the broken homes of today

will mend without delay

but a broken home together

is not always better

than a broken home apart

because the home is in your heart


Love and Life of Inanna


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