The Essence of the Survivor


I run and hide

I am beaten but Why?

Look at all the tears I have cried

And see the emotional roller coaster ride

I feel empty inside

But Why?

Lashing me with your tongue or with your hand

Does that make you feel like a strong and powerful woman or man?

I open my eyes and learn today

That its you and not my horrible ways

In my book the chapter changes

As I turn the life of my trying pages

Strong and aware

No longer will I bare

The pain and guilt

you have me look into the mirror you have built


Well I have shattered that glass

And this will be your last

Strike, hit, demeaning word its all in the past

The tears Ive cried feeling pain and hurt

heart broken just throw the dirt

This is how I felt but strength grows

Cuz no one knows

How many physical and verbal blows

Ive received

But I pray on bended knee

To ask God for strength and allow me to see

How great I can be

So my energy doubles and courage shows

As I leave the situation behind

The thoughts of fear grows and grows

I go over each line

of all of those lies in my mind

Asking myself how did I find

Such a heartless selfish person of mine

Learning the signs and never repeat the mistakes

Loving all completely is all it takes

Get away fast before my child emulates

The mean behavior showing how the hates

Grow and take you over as the flashback hits me twice

Oh the memory is never nice

Im strong I tell myself and no more

putting one foot in front of the other right out that door.


Life and Love as Always

Queens Goddess Inanna


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