Essence of ILnesses


Germs grow and infect

like the thoughts of negetivity when it injects

into the minds and hearts of our souls

we begin to think no one knows

the pain and hurt that I feel

as your mind reels

like the steel

on the movie wheel

as I think to myself is it really real

or in my mind I think what did I do wrong

how do I reverse this painful and very long

process of loosing beauty my friends my face

I am weak I cannot stand how can they expect me to rate

the pain in my body let alone in my soul

my child one more time can I hold

before they tell me that all my things are sold

to pay the doctors hospitals and traveling on this road

then later Im told after everything has unfold

that I will never grow old

as the casket will soon my body it will hold

again my mind begins to spin

like the blades on the turbine for wind

as I look to the sky and begin to grin

my fight

is not over I have one more bite


of canabis, B17 or some new diet


as I pray all thtough the night

until the daylight

I search and learn with all my might

They have given up but I will not let go of my light

so I fight

so I fight

so I fight…

Loving you always as you heal

Essence of Inanna



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