Essence of Diseased Suicide


As a child I was taught that it was wrong to commit suicide.  Of course there

is the legal problems and there are the religious issues. There is also

the stigma of being a coward or if not successful, a failure.  I am here to say

that it is your world, your life and ultimately your right.  If I am suffering

from Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer of the liver – throat – brain – colon –

stomach – bone – or what ever debilitating disease causing stress

pain or what ever struggle it may come with, why is it not my

right to take my own life?  I want to even bring up the selection

of suffering from depression.  Depression is also debilitating

and painful disease that drives a person to want to die.  How is

it a right of another to not accept or allow someone’s personal

decision?  They do not love you less, it is just that they love themselves

more.  When a person makes a decision to leave this world put yourself

aside and think of how intense the pain they are in to

make them want to leave your world.  They know you love them and

that gives them strength, but you have no idea of the pain they endure.

Walk in their shoes, look at the footprints in the sand. How can you

fault them when you don’t know how deep their suffering goes?  I just

know – before you decide to judge or think that a person is too weak,

first think of what you would do if you were in pain and suffering

such a horrible life due to the condition the disease left you in.

Think of how you like to swim or run or dance. Think of how you love to sing,

listen to music, or even play an instrument.  Think of the important work you

contribute to the world and think of it all disappear.  Think of not being able

to walk or play with a child, go out to a party and enjoy the company of your

friends. Think of not being happy enough to laugh at another joke or smile.

Next time you see someone sick or even hurt please have patience

and love with understanding so you can help their soul grow.

The pain in or outside may may diminish a little every time you

shine some light in their life with a bit of attention and maybe some

jokes.  Lend some of your strength and support for those who

have none left of their own.  And when they say enough is enough and

they cant take the pain anymore, just respect their wishes and love

them enough to support their actions. If you are close to them and

love them dearly the task can seem barbaric, but imagine

their suffering and realize their pain. They would not want to leave

you unless they could not endure it any longer. At this particular

time it is no longer about anyone else beside them because

only they are going through their pain.  In any event I hope

this sheds some light on the ideas of the mind of someone

who is sick and decides to end their life.  A person who is not

a coward but a person of great courage. A person who

decides to be the warrior of their disease and not acept defeat.

A person who will take their own life rather than allow the disease

to claim them letting them leave this world with dignity and honor.

For those celebrating veterans day and those who honor the soldiers

of the past should understand the concept of honor and dignity.

Those who fought for our country fight just as hard as those who are sick

and fight their own disease on a daily basis. Hats off and honor to the

soldiers of the past if they are fighting a war or a disease I solute you.

Love and Life


Essence of Inanna


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