The Essence of Homelessness in this world


I am homeless

but, I am not hopeless

or even worthless

I can sing, dance, or even make things.

I am a person with thoughts and feelings

I eat, breath, and even get cold or sick.

You don’t like how I look?

Well Hi how are you? I am Susan, Rachael or even Rick.

Your hate, disgust or even prejudice is like an open book

and you say my smell offends you

I have no soap, running water or even a shower

so how do you think I feel when I have to live with it my dude?

I give advice, a smile, watch your dog outside the store, and if I could give ur little girl a flower

I am hungry not a thief

I am homeless not a beast

I even laugh -come sit, tell me a joke and you will see

lets have a talk -my intelligence might shock you because it amazes me

how a person with all this life to give

but Im not worthy enough to sit with your kid

I eat out the trash so what? if you were this hungry u would do what I did

I am not allowed to beg

now in jail, my crime- outside on the ground sleeping in a bag

don’t ever feed me or you will be just as bad

just point, laugh, and shake your head in disgust

cuz all I am allowed to do is whither away in the dust

homeless-19_19ahomeless1 homelessness more-homeless-people

What can WE do to help???

Your thoughts…

Life and Love as Always


Queen Goddess Inanna


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