Essence of Cosby vs Inanna

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I would like to discuss the issue at hand concerning the Cosby rape allegations through the eyes of Inanna.  There has been plenty of discussion about the guilt or innocence of Bill Cosby the comedian-actor-educator. Speaking as Inanna the goddess of promiscuity, love, heavens and earth I  would like to mention a few things. Speaking through love it is obvious he loves his job, but whether he selflessly loves the people around him is questionable. Then again everyone loves differently.

As a person in the public eye I am sure he is no stranger to being put under the microscope so to speak. I do not want to tear his character to shreds because the allegations should be enough to accomplish that task.  I just want to first bring to light how he was accused of infidelity outside of his marriage which seems normal for a man who cares only about himself.  This is a generalized statement because i do not know him personally, but I think to myself -how can he love and respect his wife and children and honor his parents behaving that way? Maybe he loves and honors them in his mind and doesn’t think or even care that he is participating in inappropriate behavior.  Which brings me to the other point at hand.  It is not unheard of for a self absorbed self gratifying man to touch, fondle, or even engage in sexual assault on his fellow Co workers.  I am in no way saying this is without a doubt what he was thinking or feeling, but showing how one act can Segway into more offensive acts.  It depends on the level of intensity or maybe the excitement of possibly getting caught or feelings of power or control.  What ever the reason it was proven that he created a child outside of his marriage.  What has not been proven by the way was guilt of rape.

His character is already flawed due to his indiscretions,  but many may argue that most men cheat on their wives which may be true.  There is also this pure image of nobility, honesty, and morality as dealing with many children in his line of work.  He must be trustworthy since he has worked with children for so many years. I went through his possible character because many times the accused would be vindicated automatically and the victim would be antagonize and accused of lying. The character of the accuser is usually out under the microscope. In this case the accusers are women and for some reason women are questioned under extreme scrutiny. What was she wearing?  Did she entice the accused?  Did she want it? Was he set up? Is she after his money if the accused is wealthy? Was it really consensual intercourse? She knew what she was getting into.

Now I’m not saying that women have not falsely accused men of rape before, but every woman should not have to pay for the sins of others.  Yes a rape case can become extremely difficult to prove with no evidence, but let’s take a look thru the possible victim’s eyes.  You were probably scared or threatened, confused, young, immature. An adult figure that should be trustworthy instead decides to drug and take advantage of young women and or children. While i do understand it is incredibly difficult to understand the mind of a rape victim it is not impossible to sympathize with them.  Just like any traumatic situation every person handles it differently. While a person may fight back another may curl up and cry in withdrawal, another may hide or a person may themselves become an aggressor. However a person handles their stress of a trauma we cannot become the lynch mob that condemns a person for speaking out against her attacker.  Now again I am not saying Dr Cosby is innocent or guilty but the attack on both the accused and accuser were wrongfully treated while the full evidence had not been disclosed. The lynch mob mentality has done nothing but persecute the innocent and free the guilty because we let our emotions get out of hand. It is not unheard of that a woman would be attacked and become afraid to report the crime in fear of being attacked further for possibly being loose or seductive or lying on the accused. Honestly I don’t think it is impossible to put yourself in the shoes of a possible rape victim and understand why they do what they do.  As a people I think we just need to do better on how we handle cases and victims whether we want to accuse the victims or the accused but however we deal with it we need to have sympathy and understanding with both sides of the party. As Inanna I want to extend the comprehension of love which allows peace and harmony within all of us. That love that we all have in common with one another should allow us to want to be fair to both parties so that no one is falsely accused or victims being bullied.

Love and Life


As Always Inanna


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