Essence of Ferguson


I am Ferguson, I am Treyvon Martin, I am Mike Brown,

I am everyone all over town

I am freedom, I am justice

I am change but it is not for just us

We do what we must

and we pull together as tight

our mission in life

we just might

win this horrible fight

for the children of tomorrow night

In love for each other

with honor of our sister and brother

when love for ourselves grow

so that you and I know

to not question our actions

but instead have trust

that laws have got to change as we must

making sure that law can respect us

as a people we have a voice

we have power

to some people we are just making noise

down to this waking hour

cries of anger hurt and pain

so they will stop doing this again and again

all we want is to be your friend

this problem must be solved so all this hate and violence must end.

 As Always Life and Love


with Essence of Inanna


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