Essence of Mary Jane


Essence of Mary Jane

on how she cures your pain

or regrows your brain

but her reputation is lame

thinking she is the dame

of troublesome fame

that the thought is forgotten again and again

damn that rain

and the stream she bathes

and drinks of the love of her men and women

to associate with her is a crime

so you will do much time

for selling her services at home or online

as a corp making money with her is always fine

but beware

when its theirs

parts of her flowers or hair strands

maybe from another piece

now as mass production she gets her no peace

her face has changed and she now feels weak

whats wrong Mary Jane?

but my head is going insane

they have trained you to go in my brain

and alter it again

and now i feel

that you aren’t real

so I will be diligent to only find the real you with zeal

can I put you on the side of a milk carton?

or maybe you are in the garden

one never knows if you were kidnapped or in hidin

I love you Mary Jane

cuz I know you can fix my pain

then I can eat again

and nourish my body where cells can duplicate to regain

my shine of love one step at a time

when I find her she will be sublime

so we can create little ones like her and make them grow

from buds to flowers of precious diamonds all 12 in a row

as I breathe in her essence and just one blow

we will both know

and watch how my ecstasy grows

as she kisses my leg to erase my pain

and kisses my head to take away my migraine

then my neck and back

and again back to my lips

with just one kiss

my love my mind my body my soul

is put back so I get another roll

as my temper gains control

because she knows my body and soul

always hiding her from border patrol

Only with her I feel complete and whole.

I love you Mary Jane.  weed-in-a-heart-candy

As Always, Love and Blessings


Essence of Inanna


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