Essence of Loving God


I Love God

I ❤ God


We as humans relate first to what we Sea

-As appealing.

What we think is beautiful or cute or gorgeous.

Well in that aspect

God is the sexiest mf in this entire Universe or EXISTENCE.

Since we are all made in its image, we are made of different versions and parts of it.

We say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is always someone for everyone. While that is very true and we are of God we are created in it Essence in some form or fashion. Since we are all of God, if you take the beauty of everyone collectively and God revealed itself in the human form then we would all be sexually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intelligently attracted to God on the highest level of life.

This is why Allah, God, Jehovah and so on choses not to allow us humans to partake in its beauty. The sexiness is to the highest level possible where us mere humans are not able to handle that level of happiness and sexual desire and our physical selves will self-destruct due to its level of intensity.

Think- What makes us attracted to the opposite sex (or significant other) on the ultimate level?

Is it looks?

Maybe our scent?

How about intelligence?

What about confidence?

Now if someone possessed all at once, what type of love and connection do you have for the other person?

Now our creator is us collectively or we are collectively our creator.

Us Collectively is the SEXIEST in EXISTENCE à marinate on that for a moment…

Then tell us what you think.

Live Life and Love

Peace and Sexual Energy




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