Essence of New Beginnings


As the new year approached many thoughts ran through my mind as I am sure many others do the same.  The new year bring questions of reevaluation of the past year and what could be done differently or what you wish for the new year to make life better and more fulfilling. Many times more than not I hear people saying their new years resolutions and many times more than not we are comparing ourselves with who we would like to be according to what we see or admire in others. While that is very flattering, how is that going for you year after year? Do you ever fulfill your yearly goals? Are you moving forward with who you would like to become?  I like many others is very critical of myself probably more so than anyone else can be towards me.  We are our own worst critic, but is it healthy?  Many times we look at each other wishing to be darker or lighter or slimmer or shorter or taller or make more money or have a better physique or look better or travel more. What ever the change may be, what you should ask yourself is why, how and if it is realistic.  If there is an honorable reason for change, then I say go for it. Go for it but do not set yourself up for failure.

Ok, one of my favorite sayings is you do not fail until you quit. While that may be true, the road will be more difficult than it has to be if you do not have a plan of action. I will use the resolution I hear most often ever year -I am going to lose weight or I wanna fit in my old clothes again.  First of all like I said earlier, why? If you want to lose weight are you doing it to fit in or is it for health reasons?  Your results will only be fruitful if you are truthful with yourself and noone has to know the answer to these questions but you.  Now that you have covered the why then we will move over to the how.  How will your goal get accomplished? You need a solid plan and it has to be realistic.  “I am losing 20 lbs in 1 week” is not realistic nor healthy.  Maybe ten pounds per month with a diet change and exercise plan that is gradual.  I personally would not lose weight in pounds rather use inches, but however you chose to measure your success is up to you.

I would like to know why we feel the need to have a new years resolution. Do we use it as a gauge of measurement? Do we just do it because everyone else is claiming a change or improvement? Or one day someone asked you what your resolution would be and you just quickly answered with little to know thought?


New years has come and the past has flown by

Have we learned our lessons or will once again time fly

no purpose no mission in mind

living day to day keeping your head barely just above water

times will be happy and sadness you will find

wanting to take lessons or relaxing at times

further your education and develop your mind

day to day week by week

failing to plan should make you seek

better ways and better times

-NewYears come

old times gone

New times new smells

new foods new clothes

new friends new robes

new lessons new roles

new ideas

new fears

new everything for the new years

new laughter with new babies

new heels for new ladies

new ideas for the new kitchen gravies

instant diets

instant plans

instant grades

for recent grads

new dances and new songs

for new melodies that we all get wrong.

Plenty of challenges

plenty of news

plenty of anger for the latest blues

I have experienced I have learned

in every year turned

excited and optimistic

for new possibilities earned


Live, Life, and New Beginnings

Inanna Goddess of Love



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