The Essence of (All the Love Inside)

Crying Black Man

Was full of all the love inside

Until my heart was broken wide

Betrayal of trust

Can be forgiven because of lust

Of that woman with the big bust

Of her huge ass

Making your temperature rise and heart beat fast

Of the excitement

Or was it the entitlement

But mine was love

From time to time wanting an occasional kiss or hug

Without ever a real kind word like you beautiful dove

Instead being treated as a vile bug

Broken marriage oath of family blood

Tears of forgiveness for the broken oath

But not for the dinners or movies to make it ok to be treated as a roach

Why don’t i blame him why don’t I hate him?

Maybe a lesson or some ego to trim

My decision for the crime against me is it his or my sin?

With each move or counter move at the end that really wins

As tears fall from my eyes

I wonder why

I allow this man to add seeds and tear at my thighs

Not one but way two many times

What a wonderful ride

Shall i open my eyes?

Learning again to despise and distrust men again

He is supposed to love me

Like the prince in the storybooks?

Those crooks

Instilling erroneous lines and hooks

For little girls sitting in those reading nooks

Now grown spouting words that are not real

As little girls look at me as i steal their zeal

Generations past as the men of my nation

Is over and over again hated

Does his mother love him or treat him as a little man second rated

She knows no better for the man had no father

Going further back but why even bother?

Maybe his father was raised by an absent mother

Or she couldn’t be a daughter

However the case six fathers back he was once a slave

Yet we shale rave

Because our people did rise and still filling the grave


Because he is big – black – smart and his name is Dave

Then its equal women’s rights was the new rave

Strong protective still knowing his role in the nation

With more and more brought into creation

Thrown in jail with a criminal record no way for a job

Not providing for the family is what they stole

What else can they rob?

Social service to the rescue but no man in the house they are told

So he leaves home

With no legacy to pass until he gets old

To afraid to return full of shame

Now here starts the blame game

New children being made

No true direction

They are not falling fast enough one said

Black man still in the race providing love life honesty and legacy worth true protection

Women don’t be bitter but take command of our true right

Right as queen

And teach your men and sons their right as king

Creating a new nation of loving beings,

But i will love him, as I must

Instilling true trust

With real love not just lust

Rebuild the nation

As a new creation

Padding threw the night

Of every last flight

That our race is still in plight

Shine your light

Not on wrong but right

We are still great open you eye so you can see

Ahead of you is great destiny

 Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

Love and light,

Essence of Inanna


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