Essence of the Path of Your Fate


Time continuing thru this race

Eye on the prize looking at success in the face

Running to fill my place

With that rope around my waist

The shadows forming are picking up pace

Grabbing and shredding my mind soul and destination of my grace

Turning this race into a chase

That’s enough of that ace

Thinking to move ahead regardless of the bad taste

In my mouth from those who suppose to protect my space

In any rate

My fate

Will be straight

Cuz the more i hurt the more it hurts your fate

Up and down the interstate

Being told to decrease the amount in my plate

Don’t tell me to slow down

Don’t tell me to pray

Because it will be you being me one day

As cousin sister aunty or mama Faye

  Looks at you like you messing up her reputation while telling you no find your own way but that’s ok

My sister got you with her warming rays


But today help appreciate love in every way

You’ll find your gift will bless even in the shade

As always Life and Love


Essence of Inanna

Inanna Goddess of Promiscuity,Fertility, Life, Love and War

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