-doesnt define me

-or who I be

-seems I’ll have it eternally

-where my mind isn’t free

-loud sounds fast moves suddenly

-makes me think I see

-the danger is eminent and repeating

-then I get to attack more or am I fleeting

Crying Black Man

-Pills plans and therapy

-still don’t fix or repair but patch it just any

-where that continues to weigh and bare

-heavily on my brain

-anytime they want I get the label of insane

-as this disorder get more and more fame

-as the drugs push my mind further into being lame

-living day to day

-life in a way of mundane

-routine-self medicate

-with liquor at such a high rate

-because I can’t communicate


-the pain and strife still working on it or me to eliminate

-who me? myself I don’t hate

-just the mental torture until my end date

-Love support and understanding is what I need



 Love Light and War


  Essence of Inanna


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