The Essence of Domestic Violence


-One day as Im grown I will

-never hurt the one I love

-an example for my life is instilled

-cuz Im being guided by the one above

-Reflecting back I haven’t been fulfilled

-mommy cries herself to sleep

-I ask why does she weep

-looking into her eyes the window of her soul

-she thought she had it all under control

-as the days, months, and years pass

-she feels ugly -dumb -lazy, and is dragging him down fast

-insisting on being supportive, loving

-and each time you see them she is ever accommodating

-Every time she looks in the mirror


-her reflection-

-she is always hating on

-death talks to her in her sleep

-as the will to live  -time ticking make it weak

-he tells her he’s the only one that loves her

-internal turmoil as his character wreaks

-black eyes, knees smashed every week

-awaken now -she reaches out

-for runaway mission to be complete

-when hurting -friends you should seek

-Live life long and continue to learn

-because that daily struggle will continue to earn

-you wisdom and life skills

-so care for yourself because if you don’t love you

-no one will.

Essence of Inanna


Live Life and Love


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