The Essence of Brotherhood Betrayal


*Fuck face

*Fuck base

*trying to be in this fuck race

*all those smiling try’na take my fucking place

*and then disgrace

*all the kindness and love I put in this space


*Queen of Nature; trees and bees

*Queen of lust desire and physical needs

*understanding why the need for me exceeds

*the comprehensive mind

*sending silent messages that even I cant see hear or find

*in fear and love in respect for their lives

*they move carefully or run and hide

*because at first attempt their lust makes them cross the line

*wondering why-

*some do and some don’t

*know the consequences of this ride

*slip of the hand touch of the thigh

serveimage (1)

*grab the ass consequently receives a slap

*not realizing or caring gets him another and another clap

*continue to push me into a forceful trap

*love, comfort, and trust in family has gone wrong

*abusing the trust given but no much long

*not much time – your game wasn’t too strong

*but irritating and weak

-but your my older step-brother family of mine

*as we wear the same name


*tried to swear me to secrecy

*requested by a guy named Leslie

*to protect your lies

*as I began to see

*his agenda as I read his eyes

*that he most certainly has got it in for me.

*Thanking god every time we meet

*I have protection you see

*cuz this man has many tentacles

*with no care or morals

*what do you do? -how do you deal?

*when you’re dealing with family

*not trying to have trouble

*as situations unfold it will be here anyway and on the double

*If this is you and loud is not your way

*types like this will hunt you everyday.

*Stop being sweet, kind, and concerned

-of his feelings as yours his care isn’t even a third


*of yours. You have the power – You have the strength of mind

*Whenever you encounter one of these mentally whoop their behind

*as well as yell scream shout their wrong doings rather than running to hide

*and you will find that you are much stronger than many of the wicked nation wide

*With war, love and light never let anyone make you loose your fight

*cuz as a victim you are always right

*so marinate on this and never allow a soul to become your plight

*because greatness they see in you and will break you down daily if they could and every night.

Essence of Inanna


Goddess of Promiscuity, Fertility, Life, Love, and War


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