My Essence of Reefer Madness

Reefer madness
Is causing sadness
Throughout this wakness
Since when is health banned
In the United States land
But in the other hand
Many things aren’t for me
Sickness and age causes me not to see
But preferably i would like to be all naturally
Cuz see this weed is good for me
The body has healing, nutrition and spiritual needs
That marijuana helps complete inside my being
Plucking from the Bush or tree flying high as THC
From cancer, nausea, fibromyalgia as toxins release
Migraines and many types of pain cease
Cannibis- safer than soda, Tylenol, and many other casual things
If it will save a loved one’s life
Whose to say if I’m wrong or right
Many a night as i cry near the after light
Wondering when the country will get it right
My illness my ailment is the plight
Should i sit and watch more people die
Or dig my heals into the ground for the biggest fight of my life
Outta mind outta aight?
Nah imma continue to fight
Cuz too many are in a losing battle
Because of all this reefer madness and acting like cattle
From cough syrup to building material
There’s nothing this plant can’t tackle
Clean burning fuel for cars to biodegradable and safe to use plastic i think i hear a heckle
The jokes on us
Until we take a stand making a huge fuss
Our more of us will be walking into the dust


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