Essence of Healing the Mind

The first step of healing the mind begins with love.  The human mind is a gift and a curse but was given to us at birth was the ability to love. The curse and the gift of love can cause strength or weakness depending if you were raised in a loving household.  At times if you are denied love in your life for what ever reason, the typical behavior seems needy and unsure.  They may have a difficult time showing love and affection to others because they can’t even recognize it to even emulate it. *”Psychological trauma: Some mental illnesses may be triggered by psychological trauma suffered as a child, such as severe emotional, physical, or sexual abuse; a significant early loss, such as the loss of a parent; and neglect.”  Basic parenting roles become a chore where discord and confusion would normally not have a home.  The curse unfortunately can be interpreted into weakness.  If you love or are kind, you can possibly leave yourself open for being mistreated.  These issues can be a breading ground for some serious mental illness if not corrected quickly.  This may be why the problems with mental illness continues to grow everyday.

How can the mind be healed?  Lets take a quick look at babies and their growth.  The mind health of a baby is new and perfect at birth knowing they are loved by their mother or so they feel from emerging from the womb and/or they original creator.  The womb is warm and provides the perfect environment for growth physically, mentally, and emotionally. Simulating that environment a baby cries when basic needs are not provided, but what keeps a baby from crying when he/she is warm, fed, and clean? Love.  Just to hold the baby close when breast-feeding, he/she calms down long enough to eat.  Observing the baby you can see distress in the body when then baby is not loved. If this lack of love process is continued long term that baby can end up having mental problems later on in life such as depression, suicide, homocide, and anxiety to name a few. Depression being a disorder that is debilitating in almost every way.  It creates a reality that results in **”negative thoughts, moods, and behaviors but also by specific changes in bodily functions (for example, eating, sleeping, and sexual activity).” Suicide, homocide, and anxiety usually stems from depression since depression usually accompanies other mental illnesses.  An emotionally sound person can accomplish anything or at least behave and feel like anything great is possible.  That person feels very confident in him/herself due to the support that comes in a form of love.

So again, how can you heal someone who has mental illness due to lack of love?  There is one method I used that seems to work great, but the patient must understand that if they do not cooperate then it doesn’t work.  They must be open to the concept of loving yourself first and foremost. Many people learn that love must come from an outside source like god, Jesus, Allah, Yeshua, mother, father, siblings, extended family, significant other and/or friends.  Never will a person completely heal without first learning to love themselves in my opinion. You spend the most time with yourself throughout your lifetime than anyone else on Earth so if your problem is a lack of love and you are with yourself 24/7 then who better than yourself would be a better candidate?

Loving yourself maybe a new concept for you if all you know is love from an outside source.  Loving yourself may have to begin with being selfish. Learn to love how you look in the mirror. Learn to love your personality. Learn to improve without destroying or tearing yourself down into nothing.  Take a realistic view of who you really are. What does that mean? It means get in touch with yourself and get to know yourself all over again. Be friends, enemies, laugh, cry and argue with yourself. What do you like to do? Who do you want to be? How will you go about improving?  Love your growth process and know you are great.  After taking those steps in your life you will then be ready to attack what ever mental illness that lingers beyond the lack of love issue.

Once a person realizes they can love themselves better than anyone else, then their entire thought process changes. The need for acceptance from others begin to diminish along with the need to please others. Once you learn to love yourself, you will not allow anyone to mistreat you nor will you mistreat others. Everything will not be fully solved just by loving yourself, but it is the first, biggest and most important step toward healing your mind. Emotions and mental illness are both housed in the mind therefore an interviewed patient usually ends with realizing love was missing at some point in their life and they can begin working on themselves.  Later once this person can love themselves they can then love others and receive the love they want to receive.  The concern and love from an outside source as a medical practitioner would most likely be the first step so love can be recognized and emulated.  From there mountains can be conquered but everything in the mind stems from love because we were created to love and thrive off of love as per “god”  in religious scriptures.




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