Birthday of the Rays of Light


From a woman I barely knew
Into sisters we grew
Where balancement of love through and through anytime she thinks of me and thinks of you
is always selfless when she forgets the struggles she goes through
beyond the mountains beautiful the sky the ferocious animal here is where it lies
a beautiful heart a kind spirit
one never knows how close to my heart is
yes she is near it on this special day with beautiful sun
a day for indigenous ones
the rays of light blowing of the wind
ice cold mountains all types of treasures within
let me get to know you and cherish your heart
as I cherish you always with miles apart
beauty unsurmounted
riches of your treasures
always quite giving
but today is your day and to be receiving always sending I love you
and a piece of me too
just to take this time out to say happy birthday to you.



Happy Birthday Sis


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