The Essence of Our World


The Essence of America, the land of the free, so why is it no has told me

They fight for our freedom and they fight for our rights so why is it they have no lives

We love an honor our soldiers for putting their life on the line

on certain  ___ days but what about the rest of the time

We love them and hold them or throw them away because they are now broken

but why if they have given the very best part of me

Cant you see it not you or me but our brother uncle sister or mother and now your intrigued

experiment drugs? who do you think tries them first

experiment guns? who do you think fires them

experiment machines? who do you think hides them

Intel, front line, sergeant, lieutenant, all the way up to the command of the president

All our troops do and all they sacrifice

they come home to see nothing but strife

So what are they fighting for?

If its not you or me?

You are not black enough

She is not man enough

They are not straight enough

But at the end of the day

Who is to say what is enough

We love honor cherish those who risk their lives for ours

but we don’t preserve their world not even for hours

This is America -Our Country – Make it worth fighting For

Before America is no more

The Essence of OUR WORLD


Essence of Inanna


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