Angel of Darkness



Darkness swallows the light

a little bit more every night

I wonder to myself why don’t I just get up and fight

It doesn’t matter whose wrong and whose right

but I loose my silence a bit more every night

where it creeps completely outta sight

the jungle of noise the forest of confusion are some of my biggest plights

the vines of control around my throat

this chokehold -gasping for my every breath

like a fish facing eminent death

The darkness is blinding for I cannot see

in front of me

my steps aren’t shore as the sea

sweeps inside of me

washing through my dynasty

but only I can see

this wonderful woman in me

with each step starting as one looking in side of me

peeling the broken skin so everyone can see

within touching my soul

no longer able to drink from my milk bowl

infecting the souls

with each and every one of their steps behind me pulling the cover from my eye

no longer wondering why behind the lilies

eye must hide ready to put all jokes aside

hoping you are ready for my ride

cuz now the demon is unleashed where no longer can it hide

take the pain in stride no tears no sighs

it was requested, please don’t run the chase give chills down my side

making the playing ground even

within the labarynth of fog has grown demon

upon every water drop semen

panting misty breathin

stretched arms and open wide yawns

glistening smooth skin is what Im seein

blue, green, orange and yellow

growth of new stalk leaves fruit flower kind of fellow

under a rock and the harshest sea

is where I grow still strong and beautiful me

Love and Love

Essence of Inanna



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