Why are we so easily distracted?  Do we really control our lives? Are we ALL living a life like the Truman Show?

Think about it…

What is your average day like?

What are your goals and aspirations?

How often do we as a Nation take hold of the controls in our lives?

Taking a step back to look at my life, the meaning, and purpose of it all I realize I have nothing figured out.  As a child looking at the world around I took note of several things.  I realized that the average household has and operates at least one television set in their home.  With that over the years I watched the over-all use and importants put on the Television (media)the-number-of-people-watching-tv-is-falling-off-a-cliff itself and the shows people deemed urgent.  A society that has soo many issues -real life issue that need to be solved in this world and the focus can be taken from starving and diseased people to what dress a famous star had on at the red carpet or what performance was appropriate for the half-time show for the Superbowl.  If you think I am over exaggerated, then test it out yourself.  Watch the Facebook timelines of your friends and families to see what top shows you will pay more attention to. I have personally focused on two main shows: the Walking Dead and Empire.  In order to do this experiment you first will have to walk away from the TV land for a while so you will not be affected by the trance it puts you in and you will have a more objective eye when in observance.

Now that you have spent approximately one to three months without TV, take some time to watch your timeline.  If you have children listen to the topic that’s HOT between them and their friends.  With the average American watching Television on average five hours per day and 49% of those watching TV say they watch too much should raise a red flag.  Many times as a child I would attempt to speak to adults while they were watching TV and (back then) interrupting a television program and get you in trouble or ignored.  After a while I realized many times I was not being ignored, they just couldn’t hear me.  All life that goes on outside of the head of a TV watcher will not be realized.  They don’t see, feel, or hear anything outside of that said program.  How can anyone think there isn’t a real problem here?  Many do not realize they are being hypnotized in mass numbers and now being controlled thru subtle suggestions.

Another thing that I remember about TV in my youth was -you were not part of the “in” crowd because you couldn’t participate in most conversations if you didn’t watch that “one” show that everyone else watched, or if your parents didn’t buy you that novelty item that coincided with “that” movie or TV show -your parents didn’t love you.  Looks to me this new generation of children are not much different.

Now that I pointed out the TV problems, most of you would say -yea, so, whats wrong with that? If I want to zone out that my business.  I say fine you are free to do as you wish, but please do not complain about relationship issues, education problems, politics, rights, finance, and the lack of freedom.  Now, now be patient with me because this all ties in to the other.

Relationship problems my brother or my sister?  Okay; maybe spend some quality time with the special person or people that may be in your life. Talk, relate, grow, learn together or just experience life together.  Learn something together might be a great start for further bonding.  Five hours a day of TV; I am sure a person can spend one of those hours with a significant other. I am not guaranteeing a better relationship but the time spent will let you know if the relationship you have with a person is worth your time.

A child’s education can be impeded by too much of the check out of the mind syndrome.  Next time a child watches TV and look at the expression on their face to see if you see the hanging jaw, mouth gaped open, not aware of their surroundings, and check their memory retention.  Another problem is restlessness.  Many children who watch TV has a problem with focus.  Commercials on average run less than a minute with more than a third of a one hour show being used, which means that a child does not have to pay attention for long spurts of time to be entertained by the tube while the child’s brain is turning into mush.  Speaking of commercials, I must not neglect how they strategically place their product with in the program with so many suggestive strategies that the average person would’ve watched the show and begin to feel the need to buy something or get hungry from what it seems to be out of no where.  Now you are being lead without your conscious mind therefore not able to make sound and reasonable decisions.

Political views  are formed by what we see on TV rather than their own research into the candidate or govt law which is why no one knows their rights, nor do they know how to exercise them.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that politics intertwine with education problems, rights, finance, and the lack of freedom.  If we know how to exercise our rights as a people then why do we as a nation have so many social problems like hunger, murder, poverty and education?  Too many people are willing to talk but not do.  I use to think why is it that when I look at the 1960’s I see a people of pride, dedication, education, goals, tenacity, love, support and it seems it has dwindled quickly thru the years.  Well the TV was pretty much a new idea at the time, so a person that had a set during that time must be somewhat wealthy.  It seems like it is the destruction of the human race. Now I know that TV hasn’t singlehandedly dismantled human race completely, but we are not far from it.  Why does she say that? UGH!! I know I sound a bit out there. I see the looks from those Direct TV salespeople when I tell them I don’t watch the tube.  I know I am not alone, but it gets kind of lonely out here at times and seems I am alone, so I do get why everyone does it. No one wants to be the out one out or the one who missed out on a shared experience of the masses.

It seems we evaluate where our money goes by balancing the budget, plan vacations, find a job that we hate and go to school for a career we hate with good pay, but fail to look at all the time wasted on TV.  How much money has the made you and your family (unless you own the TV station)?  How much did you learn that can help change the world in a positive way?

To Be Continued…..




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