The Secret of Phife Dawg’s Illness -RIP

Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Portrait Studio - Day 6
RIP 3/22/2016

It is March 23rd 2016 at 11:37pm -The day after the rapper Phife Dawg was called home. I have decided at the last minute to dedicate a few words in memory of Phife Dawg.  I know there are many who wrote a blog, an article, or just dedicated a post on Facebook wishing our brother Malik Taylor peace on his journey home, but I was also compelled to write something myself.  I do not want to talk about him as an entertainer because I am sure plenty of people have covered that part of his life.  We appreciate his works paving the way for future rappers while keeping their artistic abilities within the rap world (not easily done). He was part of the rap group A Tribe Called Quest and was loved many, but he was also very ill.  Phife dawg has struggled for wayy too long with diabetes.  I do not think it would be right to let his memory go on as just a rapper when he struggled so hard with his health.


I remember many years ago watching a program highlighting the life of A Tribe Called Quest after their career so to speak.  It was a very sad episode speaking on the break up of the group and why.  Gladly the group has gotten past their differences but Phife continued to struggle with his health. His diabetes took the best of him where his kidneys failed him and he was very blessed to get another chance at life with a transplant.  Unfortunately Phife continued to suffer from diabetes because of sugar addictions, fast foods, and soda according to Phife himself.  It was a struggle for him like I am sure many others have as well.  He returned to the stage despite his sickness and continued to touch the lives of many.


Unfortunately it is sad that he did pass away, but even worse that it could’ve been prevented.  Now I am not and will not point blame at Phife for his own life because that would be very ignorant and disrespectful to HIS life.  I do however do not want him to die in vain.  He is an example of how the mind and body along with the foods and our environment contribute to bad health.  I wish I knew him personally because I would’ve been in his ear constantly bugging him about his health. Do I think that would work? No -not alone it wouldn’t.  I would have showed him that healthy foods can be way more rewarding than the ones we are use to and maybe open his eyes to different types of foods. I would’ve exercised with him and help him heal his mind.  Oh that sounds very simple on paper but in actuality it is a task when fighting against an addicted diabetic, or is it?


It is simple but unfortunately many people feel that the western medical industry offers the only hope of treatment. Many people are told by this industry that it cannot be cured; well it can.  They are told that they have to take medicine for the rest of their life along with diet change to maintain the glucose (sugar) levels.  Yes many do live that way, but many do not live full lives just like Phife.  He was wayy too young but his body needed to rest after being beaten by artificial sweeteners and chemicals that are in our foods.  Will the doctors tell a diabetic to eat more alkaline foods? Will doctors mention anything about not eating meat? Will the doctors mention anything about fasting? Will the doctors support a decision to treat it with the cannabis plant? Will the doctors tell their patients to juice or eat more raw foods? Many doctors will not. They may mention exercise or seeing a nutritionist who are also misguided on diet.  I have seen some get better by changing their lifestyle and others with the same fate as Phife, so if there are people getting better then why do so many others relapse?  Of course the medical industry needs to be revamped, but it will never happen as long as we continue to prescribe to the directions of the majority.

The majority follow the doctors who profit from the drugs they prescribe to you.  Many listen to the nutritionists who were trained by those who incorrectly altered the food pyramid.  Many people do not want to be different for fear of ridicule.  What if the natural methods don’t work either?  What if it makes me sicker? What if life becomes miserable because I cannot enjoy the foods I love to eat?   Those are all very legitimate concerns; I know I had those same ones myself.  Well first of all we need to know that we are taking a risk every-time you walk through the doors of your doctor’s office.  Why do I say that? Well, do you remember this paper your doctor has you fill out for him/her when you become a new patient? Yes? Well I’m sure many people did not read it, but signed it anyway.  It is a disclaimer that doctors use to cover themselves in case of an “unfortunate event”.  Doctors are human and can error, equipment can malfunction, and the information they give you can be outdated or just wrong.  I know I have had many bad experiences with doctors, but for some reason we still have faith in the medical field.  With that said, anything with medicine is not an exact science <<–part of the disclaimer.

I do not want to bog you down with facts, but I want more people to question.  If something doesn’t sit quite right with you, do not agree just because that is what the doctor says.  Many people fail to realize that doctors work for YOU. YOU decide how your health will be handled. Look up procedures, research medicine, check facts and look for other options.  We have to be proactive with our health rather than taking the back seat to the decision making of our own health. Tell the doctor no if it doesn’t sound correct and educate yourself.  Now I am not saying become an expert, but just arm yourself with knowledge so you don’t suffer from medical neglect by your doctors.  Not all doctors are bad. I have met quite a few that realized that I DO research and they treat me differently because I am informed.

I also realize that God or the creator or grand designer (what ever name you want to give) has given us everything on this planet; any and everything needed to survive and live very strong healthy and long lives.  There were ancient civilizations who did most of the hard work in treating sickness using natural methods.  ALL medications derive from nature by isolating the main component in what heals certain disease. The problem with the isolation method is that nature works in compounds where the entire food holds other ingredients that will unlock the healing benefits of that isolated item.  Because pills do not contain the same compounds as the food, our bodies recognize it as foreign causing side effects to the drug.  When looking at these points I rather use natural methods and use the medicines as a backup if absolutely necessary. Please do not get me wrong; there is a time and place when I would recommend medicine.  Medicines are known for working rather quickly, so in case of emergencies or to save someones life for the moment by stabilizing until you can get to natural methods may be very helpful.  Do not hold me on that last statement because I may find ways eventually to replace all medication in every situation, but until then this is my stance.

I am not and will not ever blame him or his family for his demise but instead thank and honor them by teaching others how not to go down this path of food destruction -I call it. This is to open your eyes as a wake-up call for myself and I hope many others.  I am sure if Phife knew of an alternative treatment or cure he would still be with us today.

The story of Phife and his health struggle has compelled me to speak up because this topic is so close to my heart. There are too many people that I love and hold even closer to my heart who struggle just like Phife.  My aunt, nephew, grandfather, sister, friends have and are still struggling with this disease.  I am sure if you do not have diabetes then you know at least three others who do.  So never forget to ask questions, research and speak up for what’s right. We cannot expect our doctors to be god. Assist them with your health by having open communication and never settle for an answer that just doesn’t sound or feel right. Do not feel bad about researching for your own healing.  Get the word out that you can reverse the affects of diabetes and if a doctor says there is nothing else I can do then check again on your own.

We Love you Phife and I pray you are resting now as your struggle is over.


Essence of Inanna




12 Replies to “The Secret of Phife Dawg’s Illness -RIP”

  1. Alkaline vegan, herbs and minerals having healing properties. Our community is in the dark about it though. This article is great and I’m so glad you wrote it to get the message out! Thank you!

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  2. This is irresponsible. Type 2 diabetes is not always preventable, it is also hereditary and he was relatively young when diagnosed. While he may not have always heeded to dietary rules, his death was the result of complications due to diabetes, he did not eat himself to death. He also was the recipient of 2 transplants, not one. People need to be careful wagging their tongues when they don’t know. The piece is way off base citing his death was preventable. He had been sick for a long time. He deserves better than that.


    1. I’m sorry you misunderstood my article. It was to give people hope and so they would continue searching for answers. If it came across to you that I meant his disease was patentable I’m sorry. I meant to honour Phife dawg as I am also a great fan of his. I did not expect you to think he ate himself to death because that was not my point. I want people to take a different approach in their health from the popular one. Love and peace is always the message. If you have time please re-read the article with a fresh mind keeping in thought that with knowledge his death could’ve been preventable. Again I’m sorry you feel that way. Love and peace.


  3. I was rushed to the hospital by my wife and my sugar level was at 604. This was in January 2016. I was released after 2 days with my level still high (in the 300’s) and prescriptions to what seemed like a boatload of medicine. I changed my eating completely. I did not allow myself any wiggle room for excuse or weakness. I simply was not going to accept a medicated lifestyle. Today, I am medicine free (for about 3/4 weeks), my sugar count has remained between 80 and 100 l, I lost about 12 pounds through a changed diet and exercise and all as I turn 50 next week. This article touched me in the deepest way as you articulated every point accurately and passionately. Thank you for sharing and inspiring mecand so many others. RIP Phyfe…

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    1. I’m pleased my article has touched you and you have made such a turn around in your health. The fact that my article touched you made my work all worth while. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for your kind words.


  4. A good post and much I am in agreance with and do think people should be more aware and let food be thy medicine there are many foods which can benefit health..I do however advocate this is done alongside any prescribed medications and that you discuss wiith your doctor. As you say research your illnessor condition and go armed with knowledge for a discussion it is after all your life and body. Thank you for the follow 🙂

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