I remember on my younger years being full of passion and lust. I just can’t get enough. I wasn’t it so bad that I’ll have bad sex with false hope and trust. Many times sneaking behind a rock or a truck just to get my rocks off only to be once again very very disappointed and wanting more. I’m not cheap or loose to say the least. Somehow I still maintained my self respect because I didn’t just let anyone hit it and I’m an extremely loyal woman. I’m not nor was I ever a nymphomaniac so I can do without sex. I’ve gone for two years at time without a man a relationship or physical interactions. No loving touch of a man but it was voluntary. Yea in my time of celibacy I was tried and tested on the daily hearing why would such a beautiful woman choose not to have sex? No I don’t have to do without but being with a man can be trying at times and it can be nice to just date myself. No I didn’t masterbate. Why? I felt if I wanted to be touched I can find a man anytime anywhere. Why would I have to masterbate? I’m beautiful. I’m wanted. I’m sexy. In my mind I can have any man I desire. Masterbation is for a woman who can’t get a man -what ever kind of woman that is. Now in my older years I haven’t had much sexual experience because I’ve been married my entire adult life.
My sex life as become so horrible that I’d rather watch a foreign film with no subtitles. I turned into that chic that just lays there with no moans no holds no hunger no thirst no love and no longer hurt so good. He was no longer my boo and I blamed it all on me. The fire was out and have just grown too old.
HA! I’m glad that was a lie.
This was the time to learn my body all over again. What do I like what do I love?
Oh no I’m a real freak dam.
I love my better than any man could. Yea I’m still beautiful so I find that I cum real hard when I look at myself in the mirror. She’s bad her curves her skin so smooth her creamy juices flowing as his rod penetrates her swollen red pussycat.
Only one problem. A mirror isn’t always available so what to do?
Hmmm the wicked crooked smile begins to grow as I realize that I have a phone with a camera. Oh I’m so sexy I get wet just thinking of all the pictures I can take as I touch myself.  Now I have a special folder labeled for my eyes only because I’ve now taken it upon myself to please me but I still love men and yearn for their touch. Being with the same man for so long I missed out on so many experiences.
-To be continued…


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