Never ending cycles

Im beat to the bone
Im beat to the core
My mind my body my soul yelling i dont want no more
The pain inside
The hurt i feel
Is not the pain of lost love appeal
But the hurt is real
I mean
I cant feel no love and no anger
I look at those near and far to my heart as possible strangers
I dont blame her
Wait but i do
How can i do for you if im broken in two
The moves i make for you
Would be 100 so half of my decisions is coming from half brain decisions
That i hope turns out right praying that God will make it alright with half brainless decisions
Knowing if i was my best then that what you get
All i do is for you
Leaving out me so without a cause to be angry then what will i do
For me you see
The actions for me from me or anyone else you see well never be as long as i cannot see a way to even help me
Blind and in a darkened room
Hoping i can find this door real soon
Just like the blindness and brokenness
The cycle like this poem shall never end
But i sure can pretend
Trying a little bit different but doing this over and over again


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