EYE Salute You Fathers On YOUR DAY

Great Afternoon Everyone!!!!
It has been a very strange father’s day for me to say the least. Maybe because I am looking through a different pair of glasses…
I’ve found myself very emotional because I am sooo proud of the men in my circle; the guys I grew up with that I now see as my many brothers who have grown into such wonderful men. I love you guys because you love your families, are are present and active in their lives and you have become that community if not within my children’s lives, but the children that surround you. I commend the men who have no children, but still take that time to offer your presence in a child’s life who may not have a father. I love you, I appreciate you, and I commend you all. As I spent time with my children and their father I decided to open my eyes a bit more and saw MEN spending time with THEIR children… Now not to knock women because it is understood why, but mothers day is all about the mother and pampering her and appreciating and loving her. While that is great because she does carry a huge weight of rearing children from beginning to end, I realize that men celebrate father’s day a bit differently and EYE love you ALL for that. Instead of being pampered, instead of partying, instead of doing YOU, I see men actually spending quality time with their children. I saw men bonding, hugging, fathering, playing, taking their families out to eat, going to the movies, and/or taking their child/children to the park with them. I hear too many stories of deadbeat dads and fathers who do not care. I even did a search for fathers online and I only find pictures of white fathers as if they are the only real ones. I did a search for African fathers and the images found did not even complete the page before I found more white fathers. Im not saying this to continue separation between races, but to point out that many of our fathers do not get the credit they deserve; Not even on an online search; so I will. I see you- too many fathers out there making a difference in their child’s life. Now this is also sad because we shouldn’t have to say I appreciate you for taking care of your responsibilities because you are suppose to step up and care for your families, but there has been a stigma against our men for too long that I want you all to know that I see you and I appreciate you.
Love Bless and Never give up no matter how difficult it may get down the road because Lord knows I know that parenting isn’t easy.
Love conquers all…
Please keep the tears rolling down may face for the love of your family. You are doing a Wonderful job this generation.
Happy Father’s Day~
Essence of Inanna
Love and Light

3 Replies to “EYE Salute You Fathers On YOUR DAY”

  1. I didn’t see this posting last June. It’s already September. But, this was lovely.
    I had a dad in my home. My parents were married and we all lived together, until my father passed away. Today is the anniversary of his passing. I’m feeling a little forlorn. I don’t usually visit his grave site. Maybe I should. I’m thinking about it.
    He was a very nice and respectful dad. He was hard working and lots of fun. Many friends all liked being around him. When there were places to take the family, for day trips, he’d always defy, “Babe, go and ask one of your friends if they want to come too. I had a lovely, memorable childhood, because of my dad.
    Inshallah, May Allah be pleased with his life. Ameen.

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