Diary of a Lonely Wife Part 1

“Get out the shower, hurry up!”, she yells at her daughter. “I have to do your hair tonight so you can be ready for school tomorrow”. “It is getting late.” The noise you soon hear is her daughter dragging her feet as she walks from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her while she whines asking “why do I have to go to school tomorrow?” Just one day please mom? She tells her to sit down and hush up. She pulls out the combs and the flatiron as she gets ready to do her daughter’s hair. She yells up to her son to wash his hair next so it can be braided. Tomorrow they will be new students in Sequoia middle-school. While she’s getting the twins ready for the next day her phone rings. She thinks this is kind of weird getting a phone call in such a late hour of the evening on Sunday so she figures it must be an emergency and answers it.
Who is this she asked.
You don’t recognize my voice?
You sound familiar she responds.
I am deeply hurt that you don’t remember me.
She takes a moment and breathe deeply as she quietly says his name… Keane? Yea babe it’s me. How you been doing? What you Been up to since I’ve seen you last? She finishes her son’s hair and sends her twins to bed as she continues upstairs to her master suite. They begin to talk about the crushes they had on each other from high school and she starts to wonder what would’ve happened if she kissed him that night. She hangs up the phone and gets ready for bed. As she fantasizes about Keane, she heads to sleep with a smile on her face. A few hours later she jumps up in a cold sweat Breathing heavily shaking her head in disbelief wondering if it really happened. She thinks to herself it seemed so real but it couldn’t be it was just a dream. So she calls Keane on the cell to confirm her suspicions. When he answers the phone he laughs and says you nasty girl. She said what are you talking about?  You know you came to visit me in my sleep last night and you were so nasty. She said nasty how? He responds with he cannot say because he’s blushing way too much. Eventually he tells her that he is in the room tied to the wall with chains as he looks up he sees her in all black tight shiny leather outfit wearing heels with spikes her hair is pulled back in a slick long ponytail her breasts pushed up out of the bodice where her huge round tight ass shows right through the tightness of the black leather pants. She stands there looking at him slapping the whip in her hand getting ready to enjoying herself. She Snatches his clothes off and had him bend over a chair as she tied his hands around the back of the chair. She began to beat him. With every stroke of the whip he gets harder and she get more excited over and over again. She didn’t think he can get so hard but his skin begin to stretch making his dick look so shiny she thought it was already wet. She then took her heels and pressed it into his thighs as she stood above him while her pussy filled his mouth. She shoved his face further into her until she felt his tongue deep inside her as she drowned him in her juices. He made her feel so good her legs begin to tremble. She untied him and threw him on the bed as she climbed over him and begin to ride him ferociously while she yanked and pulled thick curls on top his head.  She was so in a full sweat and he was so out of breath. He quickly gasped for air and began to moan so loud she thought they might disturb the children and maybe even the neighbors across the street. She yanks his head to the side biting, pulling, sucking and tugging the skin on his neck as he continues to scream in pleasure. He sits up as he bites her breast but it only makes her want him more. She turned around to lick his thighs all the way up to his wet hairy balls. She grabbed his dick with one hand and  lick him from the base of his dick slowly to to the tip while he begins to tongue fuck her. She was so turned on she didn’t  know what she was doing so she begin to suck him harder and faster until she took him all the way down her throat. Not wanting to waste any cum she quickly jumped on him in just enough time for him to fill her with cum while he screamed in ecstasy. She woke thinking it was just a dream only to find out later they enjoyed it together.
~Essence of Inanna
Love Life and Promiscuity
Goddess Ishtar-Inanna AT-D-86

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