Loving Unapologetically

The way I sway my eyes back and forth across the room making my presence known.

No disrespect for my partner but my expressive essence -must be condoned;

walking by each man as he feels MY presence.

Looks up to my face -where in this time and place

for some reason its freeze -on then falls to his knees

-not knowing why you are all he sees

feeling all the love within me, within we _

My love cant be bottled like the message traveling across the sea

not to be possessive controlling -or damn near overbearing,

-but love and grace

-that must be shared to see the light upon his/her face

Not a flirt but can be confused as such, so I smile and look into his eye

-so I can carefully explain to him why feels so much love inside.

You see my love is so wide

-that it doesn’t belong to me so no you can claim me to say she mine

You see for everyone to thrive -I must shine -and its not with u and me combined

Like relationships, so called love within -the marriage gets you locked in

that blocking love from within -so that only you can be let in,

well sir/mam lemme tell you that is a sin.

In a world starving for attention

-I shouldn’t have to mention -to share your affection

-and not be so selfish

A smile a hug or words of encouragement and now we go together?

When will we grow up Mister –

-or Miss, that should be regular everyday behavior

to be proper strangers -but we are fooled -into being rude

-and hateful -while ignoring your savior

-your god where he bestows his favor

Love your mother brother and neighbor

Love your priest your enemy and stranger

hold a door, give a kind word or let someone know they are in danger

No flowers glitter and gold cuz sometimes love can show up in anger

Well, not really just the appearance of…

Emotion or passion for all is my undying love.

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Essence of Inanna



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