Sister to Sister (Part 1)

Hey big sister I love you. You are somewhere in between my mother and best friend.  Throughout the years I have learned to trust you, learn from you, fight you and love you. You are my blood sister from another mother is what we use to say. When one of us is spotted without the other someone always ask where the other is, because we were almost always together. I would call your aunt Aunty and you would call my dad daddy. You were my big sister that I looked up to and looked to for advice.  You was a mad cool chic because you were just as comfortable in the hood as you were in the religious community and was regarded with respect in both places.  You were outgoing and I was reserved. You were sexy and beautiful and I was still a plain little girl. You were knowledgeable in life which offered me wisdom.  I learned to look outside of the door and enjoy the many adventures we created.  There was never a dull moment around you.  You were so full of excitement and joy to be around, but was just as bad as you were good to the point where people knew not to cross you or you would kick their ass; of course many times with me by your side. You also had and still have this soft side for babies. I could remember a time when we were both in elementary school and you came around the corner with a baby on your hip. I asked you whose baby that was and you responded with “this is my baby!!”. I laughed so hard.  I laughed because all I could see was your little self carrying that big ole baby in your belly.  That love grew into an obsession it seemed until one say you finally had your son. We were still teens so yea those were some trying times but either way you were the most proud person on Earth as long as you had your son.  You move away to the south and we were separated for the first time. We still talked on the phone but it was not the same without my sister.  Life got real rough real fast for the both of us and thru it all we lost each other completely. I had no idea how you were doing except that we were still connected thru our blood bond.  I use to always sense if there was something wrong with you, if you were hurting or sick, so I knew one day we would reconnect and we did. We exchanged phone numbers and never lost touch again so much so your children know me as their cool aunt / kinda nerd aunt 😉  (lol). I wonder where I learned how to be like that. LOL. Your oldest daughter is so near and dear to my heart that I revere her as my own blood daughter. She was such a wonderful gift to receive in this world to have a child that mirrors who you are exactly. You raised a strong woman who loves and cares for her children as they are her own skin.  Alone as a single mother you raised five children with two still at home. The only problem is I weep. I weep for you, I weep for your family, I weep for myself and my family as well. I weep for you because of all the service you have given in your life, in your career helping sick patients, caring for your parents as they age, relationships and especially the sacrifice you’ve done for your children all while your health declines.  I weep for myself and family because we should be in a position to lift some strain off of my sisters life if and when it is needed.  So I weep and now what? Now I give you strength. Now, I give you motivation. Now. I give you inspiration, hope and a new beginning. Someone once told me that everyday that I wake breathing in life I have been given another chance to try again. I will do it again but better. 

Sister to Sister

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Essence of Inanna
Essence of Inanna

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