And The Cycle Begins


How do i know when its a call for help? I have seen and heard women speak ill of their child and at times sitting right there absorbing your contempt ‘ for them. I know there are times when a parent becomes frustrated with their child or where communicating with your child is very challenging but now that child feels inadequate. For those who say their child can’t hear them or i will never say it I’m just venting. When does one think that the children are way more intuitive than adults therefore they feel your anger contempt frustration what ever level you are on? Yes they know how we feel about spoken or not and many times tend to distance more from the parent or being completely submissive just to make you happy and end up living unfulfilled lives. Oh but he’s only 3 or 10 and that’s where the cycle begins. Do you really hate your child? Some do. Some mother’s really hate their children and will say so candidly. Next thing you know her child is missing and on the news. She told you how she felt but the person she spoke to didn’t respond, why? How does anyone know when a parent is just frustrated and venting from a disturbed one? One thing i suggest as parents is to be responsible with the words we utter. No I’m not saying don’t vent. It can be healthy to speak about it for resolve. It should be constructive so your child doesn’t feel rejected and unloved. Yes some children pull through regardless but imagine how much further they may be with more encouragement and less doubt. All of our children can be great. All of our children are great so how do we love our children mothers. Yes mothers. We were given the bosom to rest their head upon for reassurance. We were given the swishy bellies to lay upon and jiggly arms to be held by. The comfort of a mother can never be replaced. Its the understanding and reassurance of a mother. It’s the discipline and respect of a mother that a child holds on to. You are their hero but complaining about them crushes their world. Children learn what they see so yes some habits will be acquired but with patience and love. Who was you glue in your family? How did she love? The big mama so to speak. She was wise strong maybe beautiful but soul just a popping. Who was that in your family? Some kind of Barbie? Yea the big momma idea maybe tew much but be healthy yes but be beautiful and loving from within and the shine the beauty will touch everyone you meet. Try it. The more big mommas we have in this world is less spoiled children running a muck through this world.



~Essence of Inanna~


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